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For a Flawless Finish on Your Aircraft, Choose Transform Spraypainters!

For many decades we have been the chosen supplier of spray painting for big names in aviation, and we are passionate about living up to that reputation by delivering the best service and quality that is expected of us. Our facilities boast two extremely large spray booths suited for aircraft, so your helicopters and planes are well at home here!

We believe in providing an outstanding product so that our customers keep coming back! Some of our long-standing clients include Airbus Helicopters and Airwork, who have returned to us for their spray painting work for over 15 years!

Using quality paint options and dedicated, qualified tradesmen, we offer the following

  • Experience with spray painting planes, gliders, helicopters and more!
  • Various paint options to suit your specific vehicle needs for the optimal result.
  • Small panel repairs for dinks and damages.
  • Rust removal on all transport types.
  • The complete spray painting service from tiny colour changes to complete transformations!
  • All information and costs communicated clearly to you before the work takes place.
  • An improvement on the value of your aircraft, if choosing to repaint before resale.
  • Excellent customer service so you’ll want to come back again and again!

Committed To Superior Quality And Impressive Results

Our Trusted Extended Team

From sanding and priming your aircraft to the final touches of the finished design – we are dedicated to delivering a remarkable service that doesn’t skip corners. We use a trusted list of subcontractors for our sandblasting so that the base of the craft is in its best condition to begin spray painting. Without a great base, there is no point slapping paint on it just to come off later – which is why it is so important to use the best sandblasters around.

The Kind of Statement You Want To Make

With so many colours and styles to choose from on such a large canvas, we understand how hard it can be to decide on a final look for your aircraft. Expressing a brand or personal style isn’t an easy choice for most people! From a professional, credible business appearance to a lightening yellow that screams for speed – we can help advise you on the options to let you say what you want with your new design. Get in touch to discuss your next look!

Size Does Matter

When it comes to spraypainting booths – that is! We specialise in large vehicle spray painting, so if you need to give your trucks and your aircraft a bit of painting TLC – she isn’t too big for our Auckland facilities! Contact us now to discuss how we can get your giants looking remarkable on the road, sea, or in the sky!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Each spraypainting job is different and needs a different approach to getting the very best result. We assess the aircraft first, its current paint job, quality, wear and tear before deciding which route to take for its redesign. We have many different high-quality paint solutions including, PPG, Sikkens, Baslac, Resene and Glasurit to get the right solution for the right craft.

Competitive Prices and Complete Customer Care

Beware the dirt-cheap painters, you are likely to get what you paid for! At Transform Spraypainters, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional services for competitive prices – without shirking on quality. We are upfront, clear and friendly about the cost of our services before any work gets started – so get in touch and find out how we can help transform your transport today!
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With over 50 years of combined experience, our expert tradesmen are qualified and able to prescribe the best treatment and spray painting techniques in order to get the most suitable and lasting result for your particular needs.